It is a known fact that the demand for fire services is increasing while revenues are decreasing. There will always be fires to fight, victims to treat, and a host of other activities to be conducted in today’s progressive fire service. Combining resources is a way to provide the personnel, apparatus, and equipment needed to safely function at the emergency scene. After all, it is our mission to provide the highest level of service within the fiscal capabilities of the communities.

After meeting with a committee of citizens it was decided that consolidation of the two agencies would be advantageous for the citizens of both communities. This effort is also supported by the I.A.F.F. Local 3133.  We would like to highlight some of the advantages that consolidation would offer the citizens of both communities.

With this consolidation, citizens will see no property or sales tax increase above the already voter-approved rates. No debt services will be incurred. Furthermore, this consolidation will allow for the increase in staffing to better service the community and adhere to the safety guidelines set by N.F.P.A. for fire service personnel. A consolidation will allow greater flexibility for station matrix assignments of the two existing stations, and a reduction in response times will be an immediate advantage for certain areas.  Our future plans include the addition of two station locations.

Additionally, the two agencies will take advantage of cost savings by the reduction of duplicate administrative resources. Cost savings in homeowner’s insurance may also occur due to the expected better I.S.O. ratings resulting from this consolidation.

If any of our citizens in the two districts have questions, please contact Chief Bill Large at 816.525.4200 during normal business hours. Thank you for your support and consideration as we strive to provide the citizens of both communities with best possible service as we look forward.

Paid for by:

Prairie Township Fire Protection District

Board Chairman, Mike Boinski

11010 Milton Thompson Rd, Lee’s Summit MO 64086

Lotawana Fire Protection District

Board Chairman, Carl Allison 101 Lotawana Dr, Lake Lotawana MO 64086